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Instructions for Authors

Important Deadlines

January 30, 2024: Proposal Submission Deadline

February 28, 2024: Notification of Initial Acceptance

May 31, 2024: Full Manuscript Due

June 30, 2024: Double-Blind Review Results Returned

August 16, 2024: Final Manuscript Submission

September 15, 2024: Final Acceptance Notification

December 1, 2024: Delivered to Publisher

Target Audience

This book is primarily aimed at marketing faculty who want to incorporate AI across the marketing curriculum but could also be incorporated into an upper-level undergraduate senior capstone marketing strategy and/or marketing management course.

Chapter Format

 Authors will be expected to adhere to the APA Publication Manual (7th edition). Final chapters should be about 9,000 words, but no more than 10,000 words (including the references, bibliography, figures, tables, and illustrations). Manuscripts should be uploaded in Microsoft Word format.

Chapter Structure

Each chapter should consist of a cohesive narrative around each topic, allowing for a more expansive exploration of concepts. Each chapter must include the following headings and content:

  1. Abstract, 100-200 words in length, briefly describing the contents of the chapter. This should be written in the third person.

  2. Learning objectives

  3. Key terms 

  4. Introduction/overview of topic/concept 

  5. The impact of AI on topic/concept

  6. Opportunities 

  7. Challenges

  8. Implications for practitioners

  9. Student engagement (case studies, discussion topics, interactive games, critical thinking questions, etc.) 

  10. Conclusions

  11. References


Chapters may include:

  • Case studies and/or examples

  • Current research or thought on topic

  • AI Tools (if relevant)

  • Evaluation and assessment

  • Future - Where is this headed?

  • Research implications

  • Strategies and tactics for use in classroom

  • Teaching Notes

  • Suggested policies


All permissions must be cleared by the time the manuscript is ready for delivery. A book cannot go into production if permissions are missing. Please ensure that all permissions correspondence is sent along with your manuscript. It is your responsibility to obtain and pay for any permissions needed. It is the publisher, not the author, who is usually empowered to grant permission on behalf of the copyright-holder. This also applies to re-using your own published work – you still usually require permission from your original publisher. 


  • ​All figures are submitted as separate individual files, i.e. not within or as part of a larger file.

  • Any images (i.e. jpg, png and tif files) are minimum 1200x1000 pixels in size.

  • Any figures submitted in Word, PowerPoint or Excel are fully editable (text able to be changed, elements to be moved around etc.)

  • All figures (with the exception of tables) have been removed from the manuscript files.

  • You have obtained permissions for all relevant figures, which are logged in the artwork and third-party materials log.

  • If you include an AI-generated image in your chapter, start with a figure number followed by an image title. Beneath the image, include a note with details about the prompt and the source.

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